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A wise man once said “evil prevails when good people do nothing”.


This is a kind of opportunity to act and actually do something meaningful. As Romanian citizens, you have the chance to give a chance by sending 2% of your annual income tax (including salary tax) to a non-profit organization, a church or a private scholarship.


Each one of us can help solve social issues or contribute to charity simply by filling in and submitting a return. It is an easy and cost free way to ensure that 2% of the tax due to the state budget is directed to a cause you believe in.


In 2011, according to the statistics, 1.67 million people directed part of their earnings to a non-profit organization and RON 114.275.170 was directed to 26.032 not-for-profit organizations.


Together, we can do much better!


All you have to do was fill in form 230 if you obtained salary income


and/or fill in the income tax return 200 if you obtained income from independent activities


and send it by registered mail/file it directly with your tax authority not later than 25 May (in 2012 extended to 27 May, as 25 May was a weekend day).


DCTAX supports healthy and beneficial causes! Therefore, if you need any help completing forms 200, 230 or require advice about what Tax Administration is competent to receive and process your request, please CALL / SEND an E-MAIL to us at


It’s up to us to make Romania a better place!