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In line with its business creeds, DCTAX supported an extraordinary Leadership tournement between the Stradivarius violin of Alexandru Tomescu and the piano of Nicolae Dumitru.  Maestro Georgio Fabbri, who’s every day job is, as he proudly says,  “to play piano”, has extraordinarily demonstrated how music is not only inspiring, but also defining us all.  Together we all formed a perfectly harmonious choir, inspired by his extraordinary capacity to turn rithm into a tune and conducted by his magic leadership talent.  We were all exploring our “musical mind” behind the rational leadership style, taking as examples the opera of four different composers:  Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms and … Charlie Parker.

The event was aimed to respond to today’s companies need to have engaged and strategically aligned teams able to overcome the current business challenges and achieve outstanding success.

5% of all revenues from this concert were be donated to 2 NGOs active in supporting and developing educational programs for children: Hope and Homes for Children Romania ( and Asociatia OvidiuRO (

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