Clients section
  • We assess our clients’ level of compliance with the Romanian tax legislation and analyse potential tax exposures, providing solutions to mitigate the overall tax risks. Our tax health check services address the needs of managers as well as the needs of entrepreneurs looking for a higher level of assurance in what concerns their responsibilities linked to Romanian taxes, as well as for potential tax optimisation opportunities.

  • We provide tax advisory services covering the major Romanian taxation areas (corporate income tax, individual income tax and social contributions, VAT, excise duties, withholding taxes, local taxes, as well as customs duties). Our professionals approach clients’ requests from a practical perspective, offering quick advice on current tax matters, tailored to the specificity of the clients’ activity.

  • We provide business consulting services in the fields of corporate finance, risk analysis and risk management, by supporting our clients in making qualified, consistent and sound business decisions.  We perform cash flow, income statement and balance-sheet analysis and optimisation, financial planning and restructuring and we help our clients maximise the value of their companies through sustainable growth.

  • Our professionals have extensive experience in successfully assisting clients in preparing for tax inspections, as well as in providing assistance during tax audits. Our services also include assistance in preparation of documents to be reviewed during the tax inspection, designing strategies to defend any potential disputes over debatable tax issues, as well as representation of our clients in front of the Romanian tax inspectors during the audit.

    We also provide our clients with constant professional support during litigations with tax administration. We collaborate with law firms and advise on the legal framework and procedural steps to be followed with respect to tax appeals, assist in preparing a solid defence against the claims raised by the tax administration, following thoroughly any level of dispute procedures.

  • We provide tax optimisation and tax planning services aimed at improving the client’s net profits while maintaining a sustainable growth. Our solutions are tailored to each client’s need and cover all Romanian taxation areas.  Our professionals focus on designing efficient structures and solutions for optimising the clients’ tax burden, while ensuring full compliance with Romanian tax rules.

    Our optimisation services cover corporate, VAT, salary tax and social contributions check-ups and planning, structuring of intra-Community transactions from a VAT perspective, structuring of transfer prices between group entities etc.

  • We provide a full range of services in the transfer pricing area, such as:

    • preparation of transfer pricing documentation to comply with Romanian specific transfer pricing requirements;
    • drafting and negotiating advanced pricing agreements;
    • analysing related-party transactions and recommending transfer pricing policies for groups of companies involving at least one Romanian affiliate;
    • representing our clients’ interests in debates with the Romanian tax administration concerning transfer pricing issues.

  • As the Romanian tax legislation undergoes continuous amendments, it is essential for our clients to be alert to all such modifications in order to comply with their tax-related duties. Our tailored training sessions are designed to provide our clients with not only theoretical, but also practical tax expertise, meant to ease their daily interaction with the continuously changing tax rules and regulations.

  • In order to efficiently recover Romanian VAT from the Romanian state budget, we assist our clients with both reviewing and preparing the relevant documents supporting VAT refund applications and by efficiently representing our clients in front of the tax administration.  Our services cover both VAT refund applications filed by entities registered for Romanian VAT purposes, as well as VAT refund applications filed by foreign companies not having a VAT registration in Romania (so-called 9th EU Directive and respectively 13th EU Directive refunds).

  • Our team has a history of successful tax structuring projects, involving groups of companies spread all over Europe. We assist companies undergoing various reorganisation processes with designing or efficiently streamlining complex corporate structures, as well as assessing (based on different transaction scenarios) the tax impact arising at the level of each company involved. Our services also include tax planning for local and cross-border mergers and designing post-merger tax efficient integration strategies.

    We provide tax due diligence services to investors targeting acquisitions of Romanian companies, as well as to entrepreneurs seeking exit from Romanian investments, by identifying potential tax exposure at the level of the company targeted in such transactions. We assist our clients with insightful information on the tax exposures of a specific investment and provide our full support and knowledge for designing tax and business effective structures for acquisitions of Romanian companies.

  • We provide tax compliance services to foreign companies and individuals (EU or non-EU) who engage in transactions in Romania and hence become liable to certain Romanian taxes (e.g. VAT, capital gains, corporate income tax, etc.). We assist in registration formalities and onward tax compliance, acting either as tax agent or as fiscal representative. We can also team up with accountants in providing a more comprehensive service, covering both accounting and tax compliance.